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Our mission is simple: To educate and empower retail and e-commerce entrepreneurs so they can grow and thrive. Over the past several years we have been responsible for generating more then $16 million in sales and revenue for our students and clients. 

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Lifetime access. Free updates for life. 

A one-time enrollment setup fee of $447 + the monthly $47/month rate is due the day you join. Only $47/month after that. Cancel any time. 

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Easy To Use Interface

All of the articles, course materials, and workshops, are presented in an easy to use and understand digestible format. At any point inside any module, if you have a question you can post a comment to the page and our team will reply. We'll be with you every step of the way. 

Learn On All Of Your Devices 

Start on your desktop and then enjoy on-the-go with your mobile device. Go ahead, pull out your phone and get a head start on your competition while your waiting in line at Starbucks. 

Actionable Worksheets

Stay on track and organized as you progress with our signature worksheets specifically designed to make sure you retain as much information as you can take in. No busy work and no fluff. Every worksheet is designed to move the needle for your business. 

Lifetime Access

That's right. Enroll once and have access for life. REIGN23 Academy will be updated with new content, as it becomes available. Whenever there's something new to teach, it will be made available to all of our students at no additional cost. 


Full Access To All Courses ($3,997 /year value)

Enjoy full access to every REIGN23 Academy course as they are made available: Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing, Influencer Outreach, PR  and more!

Private Community ($997/year value)

Get support and surround yourself with hundreds of like minded ecommerce store owners from around the world inside the REIGN23 Academy Community™ group. Share tips, gain insight, and make friends with other entrepreneurs. All in an admin moderated protected environment so you can enjoy networking, learning, and interacting in a safe SPAM FREE zone. 

Digital Magazine Subscription ($497/year value)

Lifetime subscription to our digital entrepreneur R23 Magazine. Get access articles, interviews, videos, insights, tutorials, marketing advice from small business owners, and thought leaders in a private, password-protected experience. 

Monthly Group Coaching Calls ($2,640/year value)

Enjoy monthly group coaching call sessions filled with ecommerce news, insight, and Q & A sessions. 


Online Tutorials ($1,890/year value)

Our tutorial workshops aim to teach businesses how to market like we do. These quick classes are packed with value and focus on cutting edge marketing tactics that are tailored to your business so you can see results.


Action Based Workbooks 

These custom workbooks are filled with actionable tips and insight to make sure you stay on the right path. 


Personalized 1-on-1 Services 

Private professional services exclusively available to our Academy students: Website design, branding, conversion optimization, social media strategy, and more. 


REIGN23 Academy Membership

Lifetime access. Free updates for life. 

A one-time enrollment setup fee of $447 + $47/month rate is due the day you join. Only $47/month after that. Cancel any time.

Save $200 Limited Time Only Offer ( Normally $647)

Enrollment Fee



  • Lifetime Access
  • Access To Live Office Hours
  • Instant Usage Of All Material
  • Exclusive Community Access
  • All Bonuses Shown Above
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

That's right. If you can show that you completed the course work and after 30 days your business has not improved we will give you your money back no questions asked.


Our student community makes bold and courageous moves, takes action on long-held dreams, and live a life they once only imagined.

"A place full of people's dreams."


Alan & Justin

REIGN23 helped us build our ecommerce business, negotiate with manufacturers, and guided us into some of the largest retailers in the world like Walmart, Best Buy, and Staples.



As a small business owner overwhelm haunted me every night. I was lost thinking about the millions of things I thought I needed to do. REIGN23 resolved overwhelm and re-focused me in the right direction to grow my dream company. 


Doug & Lucy

As soon as we joined the REIGN23 community we almost instantly saw an uptick in sales and profit. Did we mention it is also the BEST community to be in? Thank you, thank you, thank you!



I run a small business with one full-time employee (me) but REIGN23 has allowed me to gross over a quarter million in sales while I build my company slowly and steadily.



REIGN23 Academy shows you how to eloquently and effectively take an idea and show you how to create a six and seven figure business. We made $400k in sales in 45 days, and yes it was a LOT of work.  


Have a pressing question you need answered before enrolling?

Q: How do the membership payments work? 

The first day you enroll there is a one-time-only setup fee ($447) plus the monthly membership fee ($47). Each month after that you are only charged the monthly membership fee ($47). 

Q: If I did want to cancel my membership, how would I do that?

We make it simple. All you need to do is contact our member success team and someone on our team will assist you. The contact details are inside your account.  

Q: How soon can I start?

Immediately. Once you've submitted your first payment you will receive access to the Academy login portal where you can start learning right away. You will also receive instructions from us on how to request access to the private Facebook community.

Q: Is the private Facebook community moderated?

Yes. There are rules and guidelines in place to create an experience of selfless support and accountability for everyone. We have community managers that are there to support the community and answer questions.

Q: How fast will I achieve results? What’s realistic?

The people who are most successful  are the ones who have an “I’m going to make this work” mindset. A major component is learning and testing. You’re not going to see results overnight. Patience is a virtue. We are going to share best practices, case studies, and proven strategies, but you need to test them for yourself to get the results you’re looking for.

If you dive in, commit to actually doing the work and taking action, you can start seeing results quickly. We’ve had students see results within one week, while others take a bit longer to see results because they don’t fully commit to taking action. Our goal is for you to be seeing results and gaining momentum within 25 days if not before.

Q: How will the REIGN23 Academy  help me?

What would it be worth to you to not have to stress about where your next customer or sale will come from? What if you could increase your return on ad spend? What would you do with your time if you had more freedom to spend with your family and pursuing the interests that are most important to you? This membership takes you by the hand and teaches you how to create automated systems that attract customers every day.

Q: Do I have to do anything in a certain amount of time? Or is the everything self-paced?

Everything is self-paced. You get lifetime all-access pass to our courses, digital magazine, tutorials, and master classes, so you can learn at your own pace. And you can access everything wherever and whenever you want. By investing 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there , you create more time for yourself later.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day… but you can take advantage of those hours by maximizing your ROI. That means focusing on the activities that will deliver the most bang for your buck. Our goal for you is to make your investment in the Academy back as quickly as possible, but that depends on how committed you are to taking action and doing what it takes.

Need Help Ordering Or Have Questions?

If you have any questions about the course or anything else please contact us.

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1+(858) 433-5281



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