What’s Next For Mailchimp

In an era of Instagram stories, Snapchat filters, Facebook ads, email marketing may not be a shiny new thing. It’s more the steady thing that always works E-commerce businesses account for about a fifth of MailChimp's customers, but that won’t keep them from innovating for their customer base heading into the future.

After two years or countless meetings, MailChimp recently unveiled partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, and Google. These new partnerships will be available to use for their customers for free.

The way they'll work: If you're already sending out emails using MailChimp and you want to buy a Facebook ad or Google retargeting ad, now you can do so within your existing MailChimp software, using the contacts or images or text you've already uploaded for your email newsletter. You won't pay MailChimp anything more for the service. While it is still most of the time more beneficial to access each individuals marketing platform, we will see how Mailchimps customers respond. 

MailChimp is also getting ready to launch a landing pages feature. This will essentially be stripped-down webpages that you can build within the Mailchimp software, to promote your business. This will put a small-business spin on the enterprise-sales software Salesforce is known for.

And MailChimp, which sends more than a billion virtual messages a day, is even testing a service that will let you ship postcards around the world. Yes, old-school direct mail, sent to the homes of people who shopped at your online store and perhaps left something behind in their digital shopping cart.