How To Increase Open Rates

Email is the bread and butter of digital marketing. While it’s important to have a number of communication channels through which to engage your community, no Shopify store ( or any ecommerce store) can afford to neglect email marketing.

But the importance and prevalence of email marketing is part of what makes it so difficult. When everyone is trying to woo customers with email, it becomes that much harder to make yours effective. And the first hurdle (after building your email list) is getting people to open your emails.

Here are eight ways Shopify store owners can optimize their emails to maximize open rate. Armed with these strategies, you can expand the reach of your message and ultimately bolster brand awareness and gain more customers.

1. Step Up Your Subject Lines

This first strategy is probably the most obvious. There are tons of articles out there with tips on how to write better subject lines. After all, one study found that 33 percent of people decided whether...

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How To Use Emojis In Email

Over the past few years, emojis have become an integral part of text messaging and gradually infiltrated other media. For this reason, they can add a fun, personal tone to an email as well as increase your open rates.

Emojis appear differently across popular email clients. If an email client doesn’t support a character, the recipient will see a character instead. For example, in desktop chrome the subject line with emojis will appear as blocks but when you will open the same email on mobile it will appear fine. It has been found that the emoji didn’t appear properly in Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013’s notification popups but, generally iOS and Android both have good emoji support. That being said we went ahead and put together a list of emojis that are universally supported by every platform. Copy and paste any of the below emojis and use them in your emails.


◊ ...

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