Guaranteed Holiday Advertising Wins

Are you spending money on Facebook advertising this holiday season? If not you should be.

Yes, it is more expensive this time of year, but while advertising costs are double conversion rates and returns on adspend are 3X-5X if you are executing your marketing efforts effectively. There is no other time of the year that customers are holding their credit card in one hand and actively shopping online with the other. 

That being said, advertising during the holidays is expensive so you  need to be properly prepared to dive in the dangerous murky waters. Ecommerce stores implementing and utilizing a well planned out advertising strategy often see 3X-5X return on ad spend for a reason.

You see, being successful with Facebook advertising is not about the amount of money that you spend. It is about "how" you spend the amount of money that you have and then compounding on top of that success. 

Facebook has a limited amount of ad inventory space, so the price you pay for...

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3 Tips To Increase Facebook Click Through Rates

Small changes can make a big difference. 

With more businesses and advertisers coming to Facebook with money to spend there is more and more pressure created in the ecosystem. However there are ways for your business to stand out with simple tricks that will make your ads perform better.

Use Eye Catching Images 

Success in Facebook advertising rely's heavily on the creative of the ad. What does this mean? Well, a large portion of what you are seeing on a Facebook ad is dominated by an image of some sort, about 80%. This is the reason why you should be using images that capture the attention of your audience, not only should they be eye-catching, but they should also be relevant to whatever the ad is advertising. Whether it is a product or a service that is being served to your audience, always make sure that the image is relevant, high-quality and sticky.

Write Compelling Copy That Is Hard To Ignore

Many ecommerce advertisers overlook the importance of testing...

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Facebook Optimization Tweaks

There are hundreds of moving parts to a successful Facebook ad campaign.

Targeting is arguably the most important of them all.

When it comes to setting the Targeting up, one small mistake can turn an otherwise successful ad campaign into an expensive lesson on what not to do.

Everyone focuses on the interest targeting options and the power of Custom Audiences & Lookalike Audiences, but forget to mention conversion optimization and ad delivery optimization.

You know, the options you quickly skim over as you’re configuring your ad set. Did you know that Facebook doesn’t just show your ads to everyone in your target audience. It actually shows them to only a small segment of your target audience. Your conversion optimization settings tell Facebook which segment of your audience to show ads to.


Understanding and getting these settings right will lower your ad costs, so why do so many ecommerce advertisers skim over them and leave it to...

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Better Copy = More Sales

Your ad copy is not necessarily the first thing people see, but it will determine whether or not the user will read more, and eventually follow your call to action.

Writing great copy is not easy, but it also doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth either.  Writing engaging copy for Facebook ads is a skill that not everyone has, but one that everyone can obtain with a little research, and practice.

Pro Tip: Remember that people scroll through Facebook quickly, so lead with your most important message.

Facebook offers a variety of different ad formats, with different specifications for each. Stick to the important information and pay attention to the character count limit for each format. 

Get the good stuff in before the text is truncated and if you have a specific action you want; be sure to make that part of the ad. For example, Visit our store, Call for a free quote, Check out our website, etc.

Start by considering your tone of voice, which should be a reflection...

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Tip: Facebook Ad Set Start Time

When is the best time to launch a new Facebook Ad?

As a best practice, right after midnight for the time zone the Facebook ad account is on. This will allow the ad set to pace evenly throughout the day.

Is there a more efficient way to launch and hit the ground running? 

If you want to give each of your ad sets the best chance possible of succeeding, getting off on the right foot by selecting the start time will do just that. 

Facebook has an ad scheduling feature located inside Ad Manager at the ad set level that will let you set the delivery start time on your ad sets. You have the ability to also set a begin and end date, and choose the specific hours of delivery.

For most advertisers the highest performing subset of their audience is not online between Midnight - 4:00am. Try starting your ad sets at 4:00am, 5:00am or even 6:00am as opposed to the more common practice start time of midnight.

There is an advantage to launching your ad sets early in the morning hours....

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For Facebook Advertisers Dwell Time Is The New Black

Close your eyes and imagine how you engage with Facebook. How often do you actually click on ads or content on your news feed that is not from your friends and family?

Did you know that only 8% of internet users account for 85% of clicks on display ads. That means roughly 90% of people are seeing and consuming the content but not clicking. Facebook is about the same.

Only 10% of the entire Facebook audience is what Facebook would define as “clicky.” That's right. This means that only 10% of the entire Facebook active user population is likely to click on or physically engage with the posts that ecommerce stores ( or others ) publish. 

Think about that. 90% of the people on Facebook are not going to click on your branded content. That may seem like it sucks, but… it doesn’t. 

It doesn’t mean that this group of 90% are not interested in your product post or buying/using your products. They are just engaging with it in a different...

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3 Quick Facebook Advertising Tips

As an ecommerce store owner either you are currently advertising on Facebook or you are strongly considering it. These tips are primarily for the ecommerce store owner that is currently using Facebook to grow their customer base. However, if you are not yet experimenting with Facebook advertising, please take a quick look at the information below to see why it is becoming a must-have weapon to quickly grow and scale your business.

1. Display Your Ads In The Newsfeed

At the adset level make sure to set your ads to display on the newsfeed for mobile and desktop. If this is the first time a potential customer sees your brand disregard the righthand sidebar and affinity placements as they are significantly less effective as first time touch points.

2. Try Using Carousel Ads

If you haven't already, try using carousel ads instead of a single image ad. Carousel ads let you showcase multiple images, videos, and links all in one ad. The playful nature of the ads design allows users to scroll...

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Insight Into Facebook Ad Optimization

What exactly is Facebook ad optimization?
Facebook ad optimization is the process that makes your ad work better over a certain period of time. So the more time an ad optimizes, the more it gets better essentially.

The question that might be keep you awake at night is:

“What objective should I optimize for?”
To answer that question you need to understand how the optimization works. There are two optimizations that occur, the optimization on the pixel level ( your Facebook ad account data history), and the optimization on the ad set level of the ad you are running.

The ad set optimization improves as more conversions occur on your ad set.  The ad set reaches its peak of optimization performance at around 15-25 conversions. Your ad set will start optimizing  the moment it gets conversions, even at its 1st conversion, and will continue getting better the more conversions it gets.

If you are selling a $100 product, don’t assume that you will see actionable data...

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