Guaranteed Holiday Advertising Wins

Are you spending money on Facebook advertising this holiday season? If not you should be.

Yes, it is more expensive this time of year, but while advertising costs are double conversion rates and returns on adspend are 3X-5X if you are executing your marketing efforts effectively. There is no other time of the year that customers are holding their credit card in one hand and actively shopping online with the other. 

That being said, advertising during the holidays is expensive so you  need to be properly prepared to dive in the dangerous murky waters. Ecommerce stores implementing and utilizing a well planned out advertising strategy often see 3X-5X return on ad spend for a reason.

You see, being successful with Facebook advertising is not about the amount of money that you spend. It is about "how" you spend the amount of money that you have and then compounding on top of that success. 

Facebook has a limited amount of ad inventory space, so the price you pay for...

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Facebook Optimization Tweaks

There are hundreds of moving parts to a successful Facebook ad campaign.

Targeting is arguably the most important of them all.

When it comes to setting the Targeting up, one small mistake can turn an otherwise successful ad campaign into an expensive lesson on what not to do.

Everyone focuses on the interest targeting options and the power of Custom Audiences & Lookalike Audiences, but forget to mention conversion optimization and ad delivery optimization.

You know, the options you quickly skim over as you’re configuring your ad set. Did you know that Facebook doesn’t just show your ads to everyone in your target audience. It actually shows them to only a small segment of your target audience. Your conversion optimization settings tell Facebook which segment of your audience to show ads to.


Understanding and getting these settings right will lower your ad costs, so why do so many ecommerce advertisers skim over them and leave it to...

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Better Copy = More Sales

Your ad copy is not necessarily the first thing people see, but it will determine whether or not the user will read more, and eventually follow your call to action.

Writing great copy is not easy, but it also doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth either.  Writing engaging copy for Facebook ads is a skill that not everyone has, but one that everyone can obtain with a little research, and practice.

Pro Tip: Remember that people scroll through Facebook quickly, so lead with your most important message.

Facebook offers a variety of different ad formats, with different specifications for each. Stick to the important information and pay attention to the character count limit for each format. 

Get the good stuff in before the text is truncated and if you have a specific action you want; be sure to make that part of the ad. For example, Visit our store, Call for a free quote, Check out our website, etc.

Start by considering your tone of voice, which should be a reflection...

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